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Products: Wheelchair, Walker, Crutches and more

Mednation is a one-stop store for mobility products. Whether you require a wheelchair or crutches, we have everything that you can think of. Exceptional quality at the best prices in the market attracts many to our website every day. We understand that buying mobility equipment online can be challenging.
Our wide range of mobility products includes: Wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooters, shower chairs and crutches.

We provide products from many major brands such as: Drive Medical, PCP, Human Care, Evolution, and Sunrise Medical, and many more.

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Our wide range of mobility products includes:

Wheelchairs and Seating: Electric and manual wheelchairs in various sizes and models like discharge chairs and bariatric wheelchairs help people who are unable to walk due to injury or illness.

Walkers and Rollators: Walker for daily activities like walking indoors and outdoors, shopping, travelling or going to work. There are different types of walkers to suit each individual’s needs such as a lightweight folding walker, a standard walker with wheels and more.

Mobility Scooters: Mobility scooter is ideal for seniors who cannot walk or climb stairs, need assistance in walking but do not require a wheelchair. Electric mobility scooters are powered by batteries and can help with everyday tasks at home such as preparing food, cleaning etc.

Shower Chairs: Shower chairs like a rigid shower seat allows the patient to sit in a comfortable position while bathing. It is lightweight and has rubber feet which make it slip resistant; this keeps the chair stable when used on the floor or wet surface.

Crutches: Crutches that help people with lower-leg injuries or surgery to keep weight off the injured leg and help them move around. We offer crutches in different sizes, shapes and colors to choose from.