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Homecare Electric Beds and Mattresses

We offer Homecare Electric Beds and Mattresses in Oakville, Ontario and surrendering areas

Our electric beds are adjustable beds designed for use in hospitals, healthcare facilities or in homes of patients who need medical attention. These beds offer a range of height, tilt, and positioning options to make it easier for caretakers to attend to the patient and for the patient to get in and out of bed.

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Full Electric Bed

Our Electric Beds options:

Frequently Asked Questions

The prices of electric beds vary greatly depending on the features, brand, and size.

Contact our store if you have any questions. We have helped hospitals, and many people in Oakville and surrounding areas find the right equipment for their needs at an affordable price.

  1. Adjustable height: Allows the bed to be raised or lowered to make it easier for caretakers to attend to the patient.

  2. Adjustable head and foot positions: Allow for customized positioning for the patient's comfort and medical needs.

  3. Multiple bed positions: Including Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions to help with circulation and breathing.

  4. Removable bed rails: To ensure the patient's safety while getting in and out of bed.

  5. Electric motors: To adjust the bed's position with the push of a button.

  6. Easy-to-clean surfaces: To maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of infections.

  7. Lockable wheels: To ensure stability during use and make it easy to move the bed as needed.

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