Fusion XC Mattress


The Fusion XC is a self adjusting air and foam combination mattress


The Fusion XC is a self adjusting air and foam combination mattress. Soft, sloped, multi density foam cradles heels to reduce pressure and shearing in the heel zone. While the remainder of the mattress features high resilient foam that is encapsulated in air cells, each equipped with air flow control valves. Each air and foam filled cell allows for the perfect amount of immersion and envelopment to create pressure redistribution. The Fusion XC is the ideal, no fuss, solution for both prevention and treatment of pressure injuries. This self-adjusting technology makes for a truly worry-free mattress solution that does not require a pump, nor access to an electrical outlet.

As air, not foam, supports majority of the load the Fusion XC system is designed to outlast mattress systems that are made strictly using foam. The Fusion XC features firm perimeter support for ease of transfer and safety.

Available Upgrade Options:

  • Full 1” memory foam topper, to provide an even softer more immersive feel. Only available on the 35” x 80” mattress
  • Heel section memory foam topper. Only available on the 39”, 42”, and 48” mattresses
  • 84” length
  • Non-sloped heel (based on user’s preference)

Product Specifications

CONSTRUCTION                10 air/foam cells each cell measures 4.5”H x 27”L x 4.5”W.
Firm foam perimeter around head and middle section.
Solid foam in heel section. All heel sections are sloped except NS option.COVERS                               4 way stretch top cover; breathable, fluid proof, anti-microbial

HEIGHT                               6”

STANDARD SIZES              36” X 80”

CUSTOM SIZES                  39” x 80”, 42” x 80”, 48” x 80”

PRODUCT CODE            FUSXC(+size)-B, E.g. FUSXC3680-B

WEIGHT CAPACITY           500 lbs / 227 kg

WARRANTY                       2 years on mattress, 1 year on cover