IQ PRO V TENS machine TENS Unit Pain Relief


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Relieve your pain with Canada’s best selling TENS machine and EMS for sciatica and pain relief

5 in stock


Relieve your pain with Canada’s best selling TENS machine and EMS for sciatica and pain relief that uses the most modern Smart TENS and bio electrical technology to help you promote blood circulation, relieve pain, release knots and tension and more at the comfort of your home


•    Two outputs that can be controlled separately with a simple click
•    Digital LED display
•    12 massage modes: Kneading Acupuncture Tapping Scraping Cupping Combination Swedish massage Thai massage Korean massage Shiatsu massage Foot massage and Sport massage
•    Adjustable timer for your convenience (10-60 minutes)
•    20 levels of strength
•    Extremely small dimensions (smaller than an iPod!)
•    Rechargeable Lithium battery
•    Five-year warranty


Unit Dimensions:   3 ½” x 2 ⅛” x ½.”

Package Includes: –


•  2 sets of large adhesive electrode pads

•  2 Electrode wires

•  USB Cable

•  Electrode placement guide map

•  User Manual

•  Pad Holder


Helps with :

•  blood circulation and blood flow

•  Relieve pain on targeted areas on the body

•  Release knots and tension in muscle

•  Reduce inflammation

•  Improve overall muscle recovery

•  Relieve back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain

•  Relieve Arthritis pain, Carpel tunnel and Sciatic nerve pain.

*for more see user manual and guide map



•    Avoid applying the massage pads near the heart, above the neck, on the head, in the mouth or pubic region, or over scars.
•    Avoid touching the massage pads directly with fingers when power is on.
•    Pregnant women should avoid using this massager.
•    Patients who use a pacemaker or life support equipment, such as artificial heart-lung devices and respirators should avoid using this massager.
•    Keep out of reach of children.
•    Do not open the chassis of the control unit.

 Consult with your doctor before using IQ Massager if you have:

•    Skin problems
•    Acute disease
•    Malignant tumor
•    Infectious disease
•    Cardiac dysfunction
•    High blood pressure
•    High fever

It is the newest version, which excels with all its features, high performance, and comfort!

Product portability has come to its best. Now you can use it anywhere: indoors, outdoors and it will fit easily even in your pocket! It’s a fantastic product and a unique gift to your family, friends or co-workers.

Since its production, the IQ Massager has won great attention and high praise.

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