Nexus 1 Rollator


The Nexus 1 is a compact and lightweight rollator. The neXus rollators have a padded back strap that can flip to allow for two-position seating, a large mesh basket and a double bearing front fork assembly for smooth rolling making them a very user friendly choice!


Product Specifications

  • Available in Three Sizes: Super Low, Low, and Standard. With Tall Handle Option.
  • Weight Capacities: 113.4 kg / 250 lbs
  • Product Weight: Super low and Low 13 lbs , Standard 14 lbs
 SPECIFICATIONS  Super-low Low Standard
Height 711-813 mm/28”-32” 775-876mm/30.5”-34.5” 850-953mm/33.5”-37.5”
Seat height 445mm/17.5” 508 mm/20” 584mm/23”
Width 635mm/25” 635mm/25” 635mm/25”
Width folded 254mm/10” 254mm/10” 254mm/10”
Width between handles 445mm/17.5” 445mm/17.5” 445mm/17.5”
Length 635mm/25” 660mm/26” 686 mm/27”
Weight 5.9kg/13lbs 5.9kg/13lbs 6.3kg/14lbs
Weight capacity 150kg/330lbs 150kg/330lbs 150kg/330lbs

Additional information


Super Low, Low, Standard