OrthoActive 3167 Active Thumb Lacer


This splint provides stabilization of the thumb, but allows greater use of the distal phalange. The 6”, pre-formed, moldable aluminum stay ends at the IP joint, stabilizing the MCP and CMC joints


This comfortable Coolcel support immobilizes the thumb with a pre-formed moldable aluminum or plastic stay.

  • Stabilizes the MCP, CMC and IP joint
  • It is easily applied using our popular lacing closure system
  • adjustable for each individual with a Velcro closure over the thumb
Wrist Circumference Size
4″ – 5″ XS
5″ – 6″ S
6″ – 7″ M
7″ – 8″ L
8″ – 9″ XL

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XS, S, M, L, XL


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