Podowell Awell Brown/Marron 40 US W 9


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Extreme comfort and lightweight shoes

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Podowell AWELL Brown Shoes for Sensitive feet

A wide neck adjustable foot by three flanges, hook-and-loop.

Technical characteristics :

A wide neck adjustable foot by three flanges autoagrippantes.

A volume of footwear the forefoot with adjustable and stretchy for optimum comfort.

A rear leather for a better fit.

For a walk in safe, a durable, ultra-lightweight, flexible, resistant and non-slip.

First comfort removable and anti-static to stay at their place an orthotic shoe insert.

More Product :

  • The aesthetics of a sandal easy to wear.
  • Expandable sides provide the comfort necessary for a foot-sore and tired, which takes the volume at the end of the day.
  • Recommended for : Diabetes, Hallux Valgus, claw toes, bandages.
  • SHHH, PBDA code 2166740.
Product Description :
Above : Before Leather and PU quilted and stretch / Leather Back cowhide.
Lining : Microfiber high-tech.
Inner sole of cleanliness : Removable and antistatic microfiber foam.
Outsole : PU assembly without glue or solvent.
Width : Variable from 8 to 12.
Height heel : 30 mm.

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