Serenity 2000 Magnetic Back Wrap


NEW Back Wrap with 16 X 1100 Gauss Sewn in Magnets!


The Serenity2000 Magnetic Back Wrap is your personal retreat for relaxation and relief. Engineered to provide targeted comfort, this back wrap employs the use of magnets to for tension and discomfort in your back. Carefully positioned magnets work harmoniously to encourage relaxation, offering a natural remedy for daily stresses and strains. Designed with your comfort in mind, the Serenity2000 Magnetic Back Wrap is adjustable, conforming seamlessly to your body for a tailored fit. Whether you have tension and soreness, or need a moment of tranquility, embrace the advantages of magnetic therapy with this versatile and user-friendly back wrap. Experience the revitalizing effects as you indulge in comfort and well-being through one exceptional accessory.

  • Sixteen powerful magnets sewn in to contact the back from hip to hip
  • When used daily, remove for 6 to 8 hrs in each 24 hr period
  • Small/Medium fits up to 36” (91cm) waist size
  • Large/XLarge fits up to 50” (127cm) waist size

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