Serenity2000 Magnetic Knee Support


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28 Magnets surround your knee for powerful, deep penetrating magnet therapy to help relieve discomfort in the knee area.


•EFFECTIVE RELIEF: 28 sewn in magnets positioned around the brace provide powerful, even relief from pain and discomfort in your knee area.
•TWO SIZES AVAILABLE: To determine sizing, bend your knee at 90 degrees and measure from the back around your kneecap. Standard fits to 18″(46cm) and large to 26″(66cm).
•EASILY ADJUSTABLE, NON-SLIP DESIGN: Wrap-around design with hook and loop closure, will adjust to your knee size.
•POWERFUL MAGNETS: Each hand-washable brace contains 28 magnets surrounding the knee with magnetic wellness. Manufacturer’s rating of 4000 gauss, surface gauss of 600 gauss for each magnet. Polarity: North-Negative (-)
•ABSOLUTE COMFORT: Our brace can be comfortably worn for long periods or overnight to give you long-lasting relief from knee pain and health issues.

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