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What Are the Benefits of a Scooter For Mobility in Canada?

Scooters can make your everyday commute from home to work a lot simpler. They are much less expensive than powered wheelchairs and are much more maneuverable. They can also save you money that you can spend on things like a new iPhone or Canada Goose jacket. The government of Canada reports that Canadians are living farther from city centers, so scooters can be a great way to cut down on your commute time and save money at the same time.

Less expensive than powered wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are not only easier to transport, but they are also less expensive than powered wheelchairs. Power chairs have more complicated systems and components and often break down due to a faulty batteries or wiring. In addition, power wheelchairs require specialized lifts and van modifications that can cost thousands of dollars. By contrast, manual wheelchairs require simple maintenance and no batteries or electric cords.

While powered wheelchairs are more expensive than manual wheelchairs, they provide greater freedom and independence. The most costly power chairs can run as high as $3,500. They can also be custom-made and have many features that help them adapt to the user.

More flexible

The current literature has shown that a mobility scooter can help people with mobility problems. However, many factors may affect scooter usage and safety. These factors may include accessibility issues, training, and maintenance. These factors can contribute to a variety of safety concerns. Further research is needed better to understand the risks and benefits of mobility scooters.

Several studies have shown that a mobility scooter can increase a person’s social participation. It can also enhance a person’s independence. Users report that a mobility scooter can improve their daily activities.

More affordable

A scooter can be a cheaper, easier way to get around. You don’t need to be assessed by a physician to purchase one, unlike a powered wheelchair, and you can use it almost anywhere. Many scooters also come with limited postural support. This makes them ideal for long-distance travel and outdoor activities.

The cost of a scooter depends on the province that you live in. The areas may provide some funding, but not all. Depending on your income, you might have to spend up to half of your income to purchase a scooter. For this reason, you should consider a scooter’s cost before buying one.

More maneuverable

The research into the benefits of mobility scooters in Canada has yet to provide a conclusive answer to this question. However, the literature has pointed out some issues. One common problem concerns using scooters in public places, including public transportation. Many public buildings do not have accessibility features that allow people to use mobility scooters. In addition, the length and width of mobility scooters make it challenging to navigate hallways and elevators, and turning radii can take time to achieve.

Some Canadian provinces have different laws regarding mobility scooters. For example, in Ontario, the government partially funds the purchase of mobility scooters but requires users to use them inside their homes. This is because mobility scooters are too large to fit inside the average home.

More convenient

Research has shown that using a mobility scooter can significantly reduce transportation costs and caregiver time. The average time a caregiver needs to complete a task is shortened by nearly 70 percent with a mobility scooter. The prices of transportation are reduced by approximately 67 percent.

The mobility scooter also allows users to access a wider variety of locations. Although this may limit the destinations they usually visit, it does make distance less of a limiting factor when choosing a place to go. Ensure that there are adequate parking facilities available.

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